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period pronunciación
1 a portion of time.
2 a phase or stage, eg in history, or in a person's life and development, etc.
3 an interval of time at the end of which events recur in the same order.
4 geol
a a unit of geological time that is a subdivision of an era, and is itself divided into epochs;
b any long interval of geological time glacial period .
5 any of the sessions of equal length into which the school day is divided.
6 esp N Am a full stop.
7 colloq added to a statement to emphasize its finality You may not go, period .
8 the periodic discharge of blood during a woman's menstrual cycle two weeks since her last period .
9 chem in the periodic table: any of the seven horizontal rows of chemical elements.
10 physics the time interval after which a cyclical phenomenon, eg a wave motion, repeats itself; the reciprocal of the frequency.
11 maths the recurring part of a circulating decimal.
adjective dating from, or designed in the style of, the historical period in question period costume period furniture .
[15c: from Greek periodos circuit or going round, from peri round + hodos way]

period piece
1 a piece of furniture, etc dating from, and in the distinctive style of, a certain historical period.
2 facetious something quaintly old-fashioned.

1 happening at intervals, especially regular intervals.
2 occurring from time to time; occasional.
3 chem referring or relating to the periodic table.

periodic function
noun , maths a function that repeats itself at constant intervals.

periodic law
noun , chem the law which states that the physical and chemical properties of the chemical elements tend to change in a periodic manner with increasing atomic number.

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