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perfect pronunciación
1 complete in all essential elements.
2 faultless; flawless.
3 excellent; absolutely satisfactory.
4 exact a perfect circle .
5 colloq absolute; utter perfect nonsense .
6 bot having androecium and gynaecium in the same flower.
7 grammar said of the tense or aspect of a verb: denoting an action completed at some time in the past or prior to the time spoken of.
noun grammar
1 the perfect tense, in English formed with the auxiliary verb have and the past participle, denoting an action completed in the past ( present perfect, eg I have written the letter ) or one that was or will be completed at the time being spoken of ( past perfect or pluperfect, eg I had written the letter ; future perfect, eg I will have written the letter ).
2 a verb in a perfect tense.
verb (perfected , perfecting )
1 to improve something to a point where no further improvement is needed perfect one's Italian .
2 to finalize or complete.
3 to develop (a technique, etc) to a reliable standard.
[13c: from Latin perficere to complete]
perfectly see separate entry.
perfectness noun .

perfect cadence
noun , music a cadence that passes from the chord of the dominant to that of the tonic.

perfect fifth
noun , music the interval between two sounds whose vibration frequencies are as 2 to 3.

perfect fourth
noun , music the interval between two sounds whose vibration frequencies are as 3 to 4.

perfect gas see under ideal gas

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