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peg pronunciación
1 a little shaft of wood, metal or plastic shaped for any of various fixing, fastening or marking uses.
2 a coat hook fixed to a wall, etc.
3 a wooden or plastic clip for fastening washing to a line to dry; a clothes peg.
4 a small stake for securing tent ropes, marking a position, boundary, etc.
5 any of several wooden pins on a stringed instrument, which are turned to tune it.
6 a point of reference on which to base an argument, etc.
7 a pin for scoring, used eg in cribbage.
8 colloq a leg.
9 colloq a peg leg (sense 1).
10 old colloq a drink of spirits.
verb (pegged , pegging )
1 to insert a peg into something.
2 to fasten something with a peg or pegs.
3 (sometimes peg something out) to mark out (ground) with pegs.
4 to set or freeze (prices, incomes, etc) at a certain level.
[15c: from Dutch pegge ]
a square peg in a round hole a person who does not fit in well in their environment, job, etc.
off the peg said of clothes: ready to wear; ready-made.
take someone down a peg or two colloq to humiliate them; to humble them.
peg away at something colloq to work steadily at it.
peg back or peg something back in sport, especially racing: to gain an advantage over an opponent.
peg someone down to restrict them to an admission, following a certain course of action.
peg out
1 colloq to die.
2 to become exhausted.
3 croquet to finish by driving the ball against the peg.
4 cribbage to win by pegging the last hole before show of hands.

peg board
noun a board with holes for receiving pegs that are used for scoring in games, or for attaching items for display.

peg leg
noun , colloq
1 an artificial leg.
2 a person with an artificial leg.

noun , geol any of various coarse-grained igneous rocks.
[18c: from Greek pegma bond or framework]
pegmatitic adjective .

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