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pay pronunciación 1
verb (pays , paid , paying )
1 tr & intr to give (money) to someone in exchange for goods, services, etc I paid him £10 for the books .
2 tr & intr to settle (a bill, debt, etc).
3 tr & intr to give (wages or salary) to an employee.
4 tr & intr to make a profit, or make something as profit businesses that don't pay an investment that pays £500 per annum .
5 tr & intr to benefit; to be worthwhile It pays one to be polite Dishonesty doesn't pay .
6 tr & intr (also pay for something) to suffer a penalty on account of it; to be punished for it pay dearly for one's crimes paid with his life .
7 a to do someone the honour of (a visit or call) paid her a visit in hospital ;
b to offer someone (a compliment, one's respects, etc) paid him a compliment on his new haircut .
8 to give (heed or attention).
noun money given or received for work, etc; wages; salary.
[13c: from French paie , from Latin pacare to pacify, settle (a debt)]
in the pay of someone employed by them, especially for a secret or dishonest purpose.
pay one's way to pay all of one's own debts and living expenses.
pay its way to compensate adequately for initial outlay.
pay the piper to bear the expense of something and therefore have control of it, ie call the tune (see under call).
pay through the nose to pay a very high price.
pay someone back to revenge oneself on them.
pay something back to return (money owed).
pay something down to pay (eg a first instalment) in cash immediately.
pay something in to put (money, etc) into a bank account.
pay off to have profitable results.
pay someone off to make them redundant with a final payment.
pay something off to finish paying (a debt, etc). See also payoff.
pay something out
1 to spend or give (money), eg to pay bills, debts, etc. See also payout.
2 to release or slacken (a rope, etc) especially by passing it little by little through one's hands.
pay up colloq to pay the full amount that is due, especially reluctantly. See also paid-up.

También tienes: pall
pay pronunciación 2
verb (pays , payed , paying ) naut to smear (a wooden boat) with tar, etc as waterproofing.
[17c: from French peier , from Latin picare , from pic- , pix pitch]

También tienes: pall
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