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patch pronunciación
noun (patches )
1 a piece of material sewn on or applied, eg to a garment or piece of fabric, etc, so as to cover a hole or reinforce a worn area.
2 a plot of earth a vegetable patch .
3 a pad or cover worn as protection over an injured eye.
4 a small expanse contrasting with its surroundings patches of ice .
5 a piece of material sewn on or applied to a garment as decoration or an identifying mark.
6 a piece of adhesive material impregnated with a drug and put on the skin to allow the drug to be gradually absorbed.
7 hist a tiny piece of black silk worn on the face in imitation of a mole or beauty spot, to enhance the whiteness of the complexion.
8 a scrap or shred.
9 colloq a phase or period of time go through a bad patch .
10 slang someone's territory, eg the area patrolled by a policeman.
11 comput a set of instructions added to a program to correct an error.
verb (patches , patched , patching )
1 to mend (a hole or garment) by sewing a patch or patches on or over it patch the arm with an oval of leather .
2 (also patch something up) to repair it hastily and temporarily patch up the leaking pipe . See also patch-up.
3 comput to make a temporary correction in (a program).
not a patch on someone or something colloq not nearly as good as them.
patch someone through to connect them by telephone using a patchboard.
patch something together to assemble it hastily.
patch something up colloq to settle (a quarrel, etc), especially hurriedly or temporarily.

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