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paste pronunciación
1 a stiff moist mixture made from a powder and water, and traditionally made from flour and water, used as an adhesive wallpaper paste .
2 a spread for sandwiches, etc made from ground meat or fish, etc salmon paste .
3 any fine, often sweet, dough-like mixture almond paste .
4 a hard brilliant glass used in making imitation gems.
verb (pasted , pasting )
1 to stick something with paste.
2 (also paste something up) printing to mount (text, illustrations, etc) on a backing as a proof for printing from or photographing, etc. See also paste-up.
3 in word-processing: to insert text, etc which has been copied or cut from another part of the document, etc.
4 colloq to thrash or beat soundly.
[14c: French, from Latin pasta paste or dough]

noun (paste-ups ) printing a set of text, illustrations, etc mounted on a board, prepared for copying or photographing. See also paste something up at paste.

noun stiff board built up from thin sheets of paper glued or pasted together.

1 a chalk-like crayon made from ground pigment.
2 a picture drawn with pastels.
1 said of colours: delicately pale; soft, quiet.
2 drawn with pastels.
[17c: French, from Italian pastello , from Latin pastillus a ball or cake of something, from pasta paste]

noun the part of a horse's foot between the hoof and the fetlock.
[16c in this sense; 14c meaning -a shackle or tether used when putting horses out to feed-: from French pasturon , from pasture pasture or tether]

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