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pass pronunciación
verb (passes , passed , passing )
1 tr & intr to come alongside and progress beyond something or someone passed her on the stairs .
2 intr to run, flow, progress, etc blood passing through our veins .
3 tr & intr (also pass through, into, etc something or pass something through, into, etc something) to go or make it go, penetrate, etc pass through a filter .
4 to hand; to transfer Pass me the salt . Pass the memo round the office .
5 tr & intr to move lightly across, over, etc something pass a duster over the furniture .
6 intr to move from one state or stage to another pass from the larval to the pupal stage .
7 to exceed or surpass pass the target .
8 tr & intr said of a vehicle: to overtake.
9 a tr & intr to achieve the required standard in (a test, etc);
b to award (a student, etc) the marks required for success in a test, etc.
10 intr to take place what passed between them .
11 tr & intr said of time: to go by; to use up (time) in some activity, etc.
12 tr & intr (usu pass down or pass something down) to be inherited; to hand it down.
13 tr & intr , sport to throw or kick (the ball, etc) to another player in one's team.
14 tr & intr to agree to (a proposal or resolution) or be agreed to; to vote (a law) into effect.
15 said of a judge or law court: to pronounce (judgement).
16 intr (sometimes pass off) to go away after a while her nausea passed .
17 intr to be accepted, tolerated or ignored let it pass .
18 intr to choose not to answer in a quiz, etc or bid in a card game.
19 to make (a comment, etc).
20 to discharge (urine or faeces).
21 intr (usu pass as or for someone or something) to be mistaken for or accepted as (a different person or thing).
noun (passes )
1 a route through a gap in a mountain range.
2 an official card or document permitting one to enter somewhere, be absent from duty, etc.
3 a successful result in an examination, but usually without distinction or honours.
4 sport a throw, kick, hit, etc to another player in one's team.
5 a state of affairs came to a sorry pass .
6 a decision not to answer in a quiz, etc, or not to bid in a card game.
[13c: from Latin passus step or pace]
come or be brought to pass to happen.
make a pass at someone to make a casual sexual advance to them.
pass the buck see under buck3.
pass the time of day see under time.
pass away or on euphem to die.
pass someone by to take place or elapse without one's involvement or notice not one to sit back and let events pass her by .
pass something or someone by to overlook or ignore them.
pass off said of an arranged event: to take place with the result specified The party passed off very well .
pass oneself off as someone or something to represent oneself in that way tried to pass themselves off as students .
pass something off to successfully present (something which is fraudulent).
pass out
1 to faint.
2 to leave a military or police college having successfully completed one's training.
pass over something to overlook it; to ignore it.
pass something up colloq to neglect or sacrifice (an opportunity).

noun , sport an act of passing a ball, etc to a member of one's own team nearer one's own goal line.

abbreviation , grammar passive.

passable pronunciación
1 barely adequate.
2 colloq fairly good.
3 said of a road, etc: able to be travelled along, crossed, etc.
passableness noun .
passably adverb .

passacaglia pronunciación
noun (passacaglias ) music
1 a slow stately old Spanish dance in triple time.
2 the music for this dance, based on a set of uninterrupted variations on a continuously repeated bass line or harmonic progression.
[17c: Italian, probably from Spanish pasacalles street song]

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