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part pronunciación
1 a portion, piece or bit; some but not all.
2 one of a set of equal divisions or amounts that compose a whole five parts cement to two of sand .
3 an essential piece; a component vehicle spare parts .
4 a section of a book; any of the episodes of a story, etc issued or broadcast as a serial.
5 a a performer's role in a play, opera, etc;
b the words, actions, etc belonging to the role.
6 the melody, etc given to a particular instrument or voice in a musical work.
7 one's share, responsibility or duty in something do one's part want no part in it .
8 (usu parts) a region foreign parts .
9 (parts) talents; abilities a man of many parts .
verb (parted , parting )
1 to divide; to separate.
2 intr to become divided or separated.
3 to separate (eg curtains, combatants, etc).
4 intr said of more than one person: to leave one another; to go in different directions; to depart.
5 intr (part from or with someone) to leave them or separate from them.
6 intr (part with something) to give it up or hand it over reluctant to part with their money .
7 to put a parting in (hair).
8 intr to come or burst apart.
adjective , adverb in part; partial part payment .
[13c: from Latin pars part]
be parted from something to give it up or hand it over reluctant to be parted from their money .
the better, best or greater part of something most of it; the majority of it.
for the most part
1 usually.
2 mostly or mainly.
for my part as far as I am concerned.
in great or large part mostly.
in part partly; not wholly but to some extent.
on the part of someone
1 as done by them.
2 so far as they are concerned.
part and parcel of something an essential part of it.
part company with someone to separate from them.
part way some of the way, without reaching; not all the way go part way towards an objective .
play a part to be involved.
take something in good part to take no offence at (a criticism, joke, etc).
take part in something to participate in it; to share in it.
take someone's part to support them; to take their side.

on the part of, on behalf of See Usage Note at behalf.

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