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1 a father or mother.
2 the adopter or guardian of a child.
3 an animal or plant that has produced offspring.
4 something from which anything is derived; a source or origin.
verb (parented , parenting ) tr & intr to be or act as a parent; to care for someone or something as a parent.
adjective referring to an organization, etc that has established a branch or branches over which it retains some control.
[15c: from Latin parens , parentis , from parere to bring forth]
parentless adjective .

parent company
noun a business company that owns other, usually smaller, companies.

1 descent from parents.
2 rank or character derived from one's parents or ancestors.

1 related to or concerning parents.
2 biol , genetics denoting the first generation that gives rise to all successive or filial generations.
parentally adverb .

parental leave
noun a period of unpaid leave which may be taken by a parent in order to look after their child or make arrangements for its welfare.

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