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1 a ceremonial procession of people, vehicles, etc.
2 said of soldiers, etc:
a the state of being drawn up in rank for formal marching or inspection;
b a group or body of soldiers, etc drawn up in this way.
3 a self-advertising display make a parade of one's generosity .
4 a a row of shops, a shopping street, etc;
b (the Parade) used as the name or address of such a row.
5 fencing a parry.
1 (paraded , parading ) tr & intr to walk or make (a body of soldiers, etc) walk or march in procession, eg across a square, along a street, etc.
2 to display ostentatiously; to flaunt.
[17c: French, from Spanish parada a halt or stopping-place, from Latin parare to prepare]

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