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paper pronunciación
1 a material manufactured in thin sheets from pulped wood, rags, or other forms of cellulose, used for writing and printing on, wrapping things, etc.
2 a loose piece of paper, eg a wrapper or printed sheet.
3 other material used for a similar purpose or with a similar appearance, eg papyrus, rice paper.
4 wallpaper.
5 a a newspaper;
b (the papers) newspapers collectively; the press.
6 a set of questions on a certain subject for a written examination maths paper .
7 a a written article dealing with a certain subject, especially for reading to an audience at a meeting, conference, etc;
b an essay written eg by a student.
8 (papers) personal documents establishing one's identity, nationality, etc.
9 (papers) a person's accumulated correspondence, diaries, etc.
10 politics see under green paper, white paper.
11 stock exchange slang stocks and shares.
1 consisting of or made of paper.
2 paper-like, especially thin like paper; papery.
3 on paper.
verb (papered , papering )
1 to decorate (a wall, a room, etc) with wallpaper paper the hall .
2 to cover something with paper.
[14c: from French papier , from Latin, from Greek papyros papyrus]
paperer noun .
on paper
1 in theory or in abstract as distinct from practice Plans that look good on paper sometimes go wrong .
2 captured in written form get one's ideas down on paper .
paper over something or paper over the cracks in something to conceal or avoid (an awkward fact, mistake, etc).

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