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palm pronunciación 1
1 the inner surface of the hand between the wrist and the fingers.
2 the part of a glove covering this.
verb (palmed , palming ) to conceal something in the palm of the hand.
[14c in the form paume : French, originally from Latin palma palm of the hand; the spelling was gradually assimilated to the Latin form, resulting in the current spelling]
grease someone's palm see under grease.
in the palm of one's hand in one's power; at one's command.
palm something off on someone or palm someone off with something colloq to give them something unwanted or unwelcome, especially by trickery.

palm pronunciación 2
1 any of various large tropical plants, most of which are trees with woody unbranched trunks bearing a crown of large fan-shaped or feather-shaped leaves, eg the date and the coconut.
2 a leaf of such a plant carried as a symbol of triumph or victory; the supreme prize.
[Anglo-Saxon, from Latin palma palm of the hand]

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