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paint pronunciación
1 colouring matter in the form of a liquid which is applied to a surface and dries forming a hard surface.
2 a dried coating of this.
3 a tube or tablet of colouring matter for creating pictures.
4 old use face make-up; cosmetics.
verb (painted , painting )
1 to apply a coat of paint to (walls, woodwork, etc).
2 to turn something a certain colour by this means paint the door yellow .
3 tr & intr to make (pictures) using paint.
4 to depict (a person, place or thing) in paint.
5 to describe (a scene, place or person).
6 tr & intr , old use to put make-up on (one's face).
[13c: from French peint , past participle of peindre to paint]
paintable adjective .
paint the town red to go out and celebrate something lavishly.

noun a type of war game in which participants stalk and shoot each other with pellets of paint fired from compressed-air guns.

noun a case of dry watercolour paints in a variety of colours, for painting pictures.

noun a brush of any kind used for applying paint, eg used by an artist or a decorator.

painted lady
noun a type of butterfly, orange-red spotted with white and black.

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