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pagan pronunciación
a not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim;
b belonging or relating to, or following, a religion in which a number of gods are worshipped.
2 without religious belief.
noun a pagan person; a heathen.
[14c: from Latin paganus a rustic or villager (referring to the time when Christianity had been generally accepted in towns but not in rural areas), also a civilian (contrasting with Christians who called themselves -soldiers of Christ-)]
paganism noun .
paganize or paganise verb .

page pronunciación 1
noun (abbreviation p or pa, pl pp )
1 one side of a leaf in a book, etc.
2 a leaf of a book, etc.
3 literary an episode or incident in history, one's life, etc.
4 an amount of text, images, etc that can be displayed or printed out by a computer as the equivalent of a single page.
verb (paged , paging ) to paginate (a text).
[16c: French, from Latin pagina a leaf of a book]

page pronunciación 2
1 hist a boy attendant serving a knight and training for knighthood.
2 a boy attending the bride at a wedding.
3 a boy who carries messages or luggage, etc in hotels, clubs, etc.
4 in the US Congress: a messenger.
verb (paged , paging )
1 to summon someone by calling their name out loud, or through a public address system or pager.
2 rare to attend someone as a page.
[13c: French, from Italian paggio ]

page-three girl
1 a photograph of a nude or semi-nude female model, traditionally printed on the third page of certain tabloid newspapers.
2 a model who appears or has appeared in such a photograph.

noun a book that grips the reader's attention.

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