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pack pronunciación 1
1 a collection of things tied into a bundle for carrying.
2 a rucksack; a backpack.
3 (also pack of cards) a complete set of playing-cards.
4 a troop of animals living and hunting together as a group, eg dogs or wolves.
5 a compact package, eg of equipment for a purpose a first-aid pack .
6 in compounds a collection of things of a specified number or for a specified purpose six-pack party-pack of balloons family-pack .
7 derog a collection or bunch a pack of idiots a pack of lies .
8 a group of Brownie Guides or Cub Scouts which meets regularly.
9 rugby the forwards in a team.
10 a medicinal or cosmetic skin preparation, eg a face pack.
11 pack ice.
verb (packed , packing )
1 to stow (goods, clothes, etc) compactly in cases, boxes, etc for transport or travel.
2 intr to put one's belongings into a suitcase, rucksack, travel bag, etc, ready for a journey Have you packed yet?
3 to put (goods, food, etc) into a container, or to wrap them, ready for sale.
4 intr to crowd; to cram The rush-hour passengers packed into the train .
5 (usu pack something in)
a to push and cram it into something that is already quite full;
b to cram (a great deal of activity) into a limited period On holiday we packed in three excursions a day .
6 intr to be capable of being formed into a compact shape.
7 to fill something tightly or compactly packed the sandwich full of cheese The hall was packed .
8 tr & intr , N Am colloq to be armed with (a gun).
9 intr said of animals: to form a pack.
pack a punch colloq to be capable of giving a powerful blow.
packed out colloq said of a place: very busy.
pack it in! colloq an exclamation telling someone to stop doing (something annoying).
send someone packing colloq to send them away unceremoniously.
pack something in to give something up or stop doing it packed in her job .
pack someone off to send them off hastily or abruptly packed the children off to their friend's house .
pack up
1 to stop work, etc at the end of the day or shift, etc.
2 colloq said of machinery, etc: to break down.

pack pronunciación 2
verb (packed , packing ) to fill (a jury, meeting, etc) illicitly with people one can rely on to support one.
[16c, originally in obsolete sense -to intrigue-]

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