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1 a single step.
2 the distance covered by one step when walking, about 80cm.
3 rate of walking or running, etc at a slow pace .
4 rate of movement or progress can't stand the pace at your own pace .
5 any of the gaits used by a horse.
6 a way of stepping, sometimes developed in horses, in which the legs on the same side are lifted together.
verb (paced , pacing )
1 tr & intr (often pace about or around) to keep walking about, in a preoccupied or frustrated way was pacing about all morning began to pace the floor .
2 intr to walk steadily.
3 to set the pace for (others) in a race, etc.
4 (often pace something out) to measure out (a distance) in paces.
[14c: from French pas step, from Latin passus step, literally -stretch (of the leg)-]
go through or show one's paces to demonstrate one's skills at something.
keep pace with someone to go as fast as them.
off the pace behind the leader or leading score in a contest.
pace oneself to work at a constant rate without trying to use all one's resources at once.
put someone through their paces to test them in some activity.
set the pace to be ahead of, and so set the rate for, others.

preposition with the permission of or with due respect to (someone with whom one is disagreeing).
[1860s: Latin ablative of pax peace or pardon]

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