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oyez or oyes
interjection , hist a cry for silence and attention, usually shouted three times by an official before a public announcement or in a court of law.
[15c: from French oyez or oiez , meaning -Hear!- or -Hear ye!-, imperative of oir to hear]

oyster pronunciación
1 any of a family of marine bivalve molluscs with a soft fleshy body enclosed by a hinged shell, the fleshy part being a popular seafood.
2 any of several similar related molluscs such as the pearl oyster.
3 the pale greyish beige or pink colour of an oyster.
4 an oyster-shaped piece of meat found in the hollow of the pelvic bone of a fowl, especially a chicken.
[14c: from French huistre , from Greek ostreon ]
the world is your or his, etc oyster anything you, he, etc need or want is yours for the taking; you can go anywhere and do anything.

oyster bed
noun a place, especially on the seabed, where oysters breed, or where they are cultivated as a source of food or pearls.

oyster mushroom
noun an edible fungus, found especially in clusters on dead wood.

oyster plant
noun salsify, or a blue-flowered plant growing on beaches, both supposed to taste like oysters.

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