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own pronunciación
adjective often used for emphasis: belonging to or for oneself or itself my own sister .
pronoun one belonging (or something belonging) to oneself or itself lost his own, so I lent him mine .
verb (owned , owning )
1 to have something as a possession or property.
2 (usu own to something) intr to admit or confess to it owned to many weaknesses .
3 rare to concede or acknowledge.
[Anglo-Saxon agen , past participle of agan to possess]
owner noun .
ownership noun .
come into one's own
1 to take possession of one's rights or what is due to one.
2 to have one's abilities or talents, etc duly recognized, or to realize one's potential.
get one's own back on someone colloq to get even with them; to have one's revenge.
hold one's own to maintain one's position, especially in spite of difficulty or opposition, etc; not to be defeated.
on one's own
1 alone; by oneself.
2 without help.
own up or own up to something to confess; to admit a wrongdoing, etc.

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