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adjective not hidden or secret; open; public.
[14c: from French ouvert open, from Latin aperire , apertum ]
overtly adverb .

1 tr & intr , chiefly Brit to catch up with and go past (a car or a person, etc) moving in the same direction.
2 to draw level with and begin to do better than someone.
3 to come upon someone suddenly or without warning overtaken by bad weather .

1 to demand too much tax from someone.
2 to put too great a strain on someone or oneself.

overthrow pronunciación
1 to defeat completely (an established order or a government, etc).
2 to upset or overturn something.
3 to throw (a ball, etc) too far.
1 the act of overthrowing or state of being overthrown.
2 cricket an inaccurate return of the ball by a fielder which often allows the batsman to score extra runs.

1 time spent working at one's job beyond one's regular hours.
2 the money which is sometimes paid for this extra time.
3 sport , N Am extra time.
adverb during overtime; in addition to one's regular hours work overtime .
verb to go beyond the correct allowance of time for (a photographic exposure, etc).

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