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out pronunciación
1 away from the inside; not in or at a place Go out into the garden .
2 not in one's home or place of work I called but you were out .
3 to or at an end; to or into a state of being completely finished, exhausted or extinct, etc The milk has run out before the day is out Put the candle out .
4 aloud cry out .
5 with care or taking care Listen out for the baby watch out .
6 in all directions from a central point Share out the sweets .
7 to the fullest extent or amount Spread the blanket out .
8 to public attention or notice; revealed The secret is out .
9 sport said of a person batting: no longer able to bat, eg because of having the ball caught by an opponent bowled out .
10 in or into a state of being removed, omitted or forgotten miss him out Rub out the mistake .
11 not to be considered; rejected That idea's out .
12 removed; dislocated have a tooth out .
13 not in authority; not having political power voted them out of office .
14 into unconsciousness pass out in the heat .
15 in error Your total is out by three .
16 colloq existing the best car out .
17 said of a flower: in bloom.
18 published; released; available to buy will be out in the autumn .
19 visible the moon's out .
20 no longer in fashion Drainpipes are out, flares are in .
21 said of workers: on strike called the miners out .
22 said of a jury: considering its verdict.
23 old use said of a young woman: introduced into fashionable society.
24 said of a tide: at or towards the lowest level of water going out .
25 not working couldn't get through because the phones were out .
1 external.
2 directing or showing direction outwards.
preposition , colloq, esp US out of something Get out the car .
interjection expressing:
1 sport that the batsman is dismissed.
2 that a radio transmission has finished over and out .
3 that the speaker wants the person addressed to leave.
noun a way out, a way of escape; an excuse.
verb (outed , outing )
1 intr to become publicly known Murder will out .
2 to make public the homosexuality of (a famous person who has been attempting to keep their homosexuality secret). Compare come out (sense 10) at come.
[Anglo-Saxon ut ]
be out for something colloq to be determined to achieve it He's just out for revenge .
ins and outs see under in.
out and about active outside the house, especially after an illness.
out of something
1 from inside it drive out of the garage .
2 not in or within it be out of the house .
3 having exhausted a supply of it be out of butter .
4 from among several two out of three cats .
5 from a material made out of wood .
6 because of it out of anger .
7 beyond the range, scope or bounds of it out of reach out of the ordinary .
8 excluded from it leave him out of the team .
9 no longer in a stated condition out of practice .
10 at a stated distance from a place a mile out of town .
11 without or so as to be without something cheat him out of his money .
out of date old-fashioned and no longer of use; obsolete.
out of it
1 colloq not part of, or wanted in, a group or activity, etc.
2 slang unable to behave normally or control oneself, usually because of drink or drugs.
out of the way
1 difficult to reach or arrive at.
2 unusual; uncommon.
out with it! an exhortation to speak openly.

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