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1 remaining from a group of two or more when one or some have been specified already Now close the other eye .
2 different from the one or ones already mentioned, understood or implied other people .
3 additional; further need to buy one other thing .
4 far or opposite the other side of the world .
a another person or thing;
b (others) other people or things.
2 (others) further or additional ones I'd like to see some others .
3 (usu the others) the remaining people or things of a group Go with the others .
adverb (usu other than) otherwise; differently couldn't do other than hurry home .
noun someone or something considered separate, different, additional to, apart from, etc the rest introduced him as her significant other .
otherness noun the fact or condition of being other or different.
every other each alternate; every second I see him every other week .
other than?
1 except?; apart from? Other than that, there's no news .
2 different from? do something other than watch TV .
other things being equal circumstances or conditions being unchanged.
someone, something or somewhere, etc or other some unspecified person, thing or place, etc It's here somewhere or other .
the other day or week, etc a few days or weeks, etc ago.
the other man or woman the lover of a woman or man who is already married or in a relationship.

other ranks
plural noun (abbreviation OR) chiefly Brit members of the armed services who do not hold a commissioned rank.

conjunction or else; if not.
1 in other respects He is good at languages but otherwise not very bright .
2 in a different way couldn't act otherwise than as she did .
3 under different circumstances might otherwise have been late .
adjective different The truth is otherwise .
[Anglo-Saxon othre wisan in other wise or manner]
or otherwise or the opposite; or not Check all cars, fast or otherwise .
rather?than otherwise rather?than not.

1 belonging or relating to, or resembling, a world supposedly inhabited after death.
2 concerned with spiritual or intellectual matters to the exclusion of practical matters.
otherworldliness noun .

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