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1 a beginning or starting point; a source.
2 (usu origins) a person's family background or ancestry.
3 anat
a the point of attachment of a muscle;
b the root of a nerve in the brain or spinal column.
4 maths in coordinate geometry: the point on a graph where the horizontal x -axis and the vertical y -axis cross each other, having a value of zero on both axes.
5 commerce the place or country from which a product or commodity, etc comes.
[16c: from Latin origo , originis , from oriri to rise]

1 relating to an origin or beginning.
2 existing from the beginning; earliest; first.
3 said of an idea or concept, etc: not thought of before; fresh or new.
4 said of a person: creative or inventive.
5 being the first form from which copies, reproductions or translations are made; not copied or derived, etc from something else.
1 the first example of something, such as a document, photograph or text, etc, which is copied, reproduced or translated to produce others, but which is not itself a copy or derived from something else.
2 a work of art or literature that is not a copy, reproduction or imitation.
3 a person or thing that serves as a model in art or literature.
4 an odd or eccentric person.
originally adverb
1 in the first place, at the beginning.
2 in an original way.

original sin
noun , Christianity the supposed innate sinfulness of the human race, inherited from Adam who was disobedient to God.

originality pronunciación
noun (originalities )
1 the quality or condition of being original.
2 the ability to create or be innovative.

verb (originated , originating ) tr & intr to bring or come into being; to start.
origination noun .
originative adjective .
originator noun .

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