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operation pronunciación
1 an act, method or process of working or operating.
2 the state of working or being active The factory is not yet in operation .
3 an activity; something done.
4 an action or series of actions which have a particular effect.
5 med any surgical procedure (often shortened to op).
6 (often operations) one of a series of military, naval or police, etc actions, usually involving a large number of people, performed as part of a much larger plan (often shortened to op).
7 maths a specific procedure, such as addition or multiplication, whereby one numerical value is derived from another value or values.
8 comput a series of actions that are specified by a single computer instruction.
9 a financial transaction.
[14c: French, meaning -action- or -deed-]

1 relating to an operation or operations.
2 able or ready to work or perform an intended function.
3 mil ready for use in, or already involved in, operations.
4 maths relating to or using operators.
5 philos relating to or in accordance with operationalism.
operationally adverb .

operational research or operations research
noun (abbreviation OR) the analysis of problems in business and industry in order to bring about more efficient work practices.

operationalism or operationism
noun , philos the theory that defines scientific concepts by means of the operations used to prove or determine them.
operationalist or operationist noun , adjective .

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