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one pronunciación
a the cardinal number 1;
b the quantity that this represents, being a single unit.
2 a unity or unit.
3 any symbol for this, eg 1, {one}.
4 the age of one.
5 something, especially a garment or a person, whose size is denoted by the number 1.
6 the first hour after midnight or midday Come at one o'clock 1pm .
7 a score of one point.
8 colloq a story or joke heard the one about the singing policeman?
9 (one for something) colloq an enthusiast of the specified thing She's quite a one for chess .
10 colloq a drink, especially an alcoholic one drop in for a quick one .
11 colloq a daring, remarkable or cheeky person You are a one!
1 being a single unit, number or thing.
2 being a particular person or thing, especially as distinct from another or others of the same kind lift one leg and then the other .
3 being a particular but unspecified instance or example visit him one day soon .
4 being the only such the one woman who can beat her .
5 same; identical of one mind .
6 undivided; forming a single whole They sang with one voice .
7 first page one .
8 colloq an exceptional example or instance of something That was one big fellow .
9 totalling one.
10 aged one.
1 (often referring to a noun already mentioned or implied) an individual person, thing or instance buy the blue one .
2 anybody One can't do better than that .
3 formal or facetious I; me One doesn't like to pry .
[Anglo-Saxon an ]
all in one
1 together; combined; as one unit or object, etc.
2 in one go or attempt.
all one just the same; of no consequence It's all one to me .
at one with someone or something
1 in complete agreement with them.
2 in harmony with them at one with nature .
be one up on someone colloq to have an advantage over them.
for one as one person I for one don't agree .
just one of those things an unfortunate event or situation that must be accepted.
one and all everyone without exception.
one and only used for emphasis: only.
one another used as the object of a verb or preposition when an action takes place between two (or more than two) people, etc Chris and Pat love one another .
one by one one after the other; individually.
one or two colloq a few.

one another See Usage Note at each.

También tienes: hone
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