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a a single time I'll say this only once ;
b on one occasion They came once .
2 multiplied by one.
3 at some time in the past; formerly lived in London once .
4 chiefly with negatives or conditionals ever; at any time if once you are late .
5 by one degree of relationship a cousin once removed .
conjunction as soon as; when once or if once Once you have finished you can go out .
noun one time or occasion just this once .
[Anglo-Saxon anes , originally meaning -of one-, from an one]
all at once
1 suddenly.
2 all at the same time; simultaneously.
at once
1 immediately; without any delay.
2 all at the same time; simultaneously.
for once on this one occasion if on no other; as an exception.
once again or once more one more time, as before.
once and for all or once for all for the last time; now and never again.
once in a while occasionally; rarely.
once or twice a few times.
once upon a time the usual way to begin fairy tales: at a certain time in the past.

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