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on pronunciación
1 touching, supported by, attached to, covering, or enclosing a chair on the floor a dog on a lead .
2 in or into (a vehicle, etc) got on the bus .
3 colloq carried with (a person) I've got no money on me .
4 very near to or along the side of something a house on the shore .
5 at or during (a certain day or time, etc) on Monday on the hour .
6 immediately after, at or before He found the letter on his return .
7 within the (given) limits of something a picture on page nine .
8 about a book on Jane Austen .
9 towards marched on the town .
10 through contact with or as a result of something cut oneself on the broken bottle .
11 in the state or process of something on fire on a journey .
12 using as a means of transport goes to work on the bus .
13 using as a means or medium talk on the telephone a tune on the piano .
14 on the occasion of something shoot on sight .
15 having as a basis or source on good authority arrested on suspicion .
16 working for or being a member of something on the committee work on the case .
17 at the expense of or to the disadvantage of something or someone treatment on the National Health drinks on me the joke's on him .
18 supported by something live on bread and cheese .
19 regularly taking or using something on tranquillizers .
20 in a specified manner on the cheap .
21 staked as a bet put money on a horse .
22 following disappointment on disappointment .
1 said especially of clothes: in or into contact or a state of enclosing, covering, or being worn, etc have no clothes on .
2 ahead, forwards or towards in space or time go on home later on .
3 continuously; without interruption keep on about something .
4 in or into operation or activity put the radio on .
1 working, broadcasting or performing You're on in two minutes .
2 taking place Which films are on this week?
3 colloq possible, practicable or acceptable That just isn't on .
4 colloq talking continuously, especially to complain or nag always on at him to try harder .
5 in favour of a win odds of 3 to 4 on .
6 cricket on the side of the field towards which the bat is facing, usually the batsman's left and the bowler's right. Opposite of off ( adjective 6).
just on almost exactly have collected just on £50 .
on and off now and then; occasionally.
on and on continually; at length.
on time promptly; at the right time.
on to see onto.

adverb , adjective , politics following the approved party line. Compare off-message.

1 said of a switch: able to be set to one of only two positions, either -on- or -off-.
2 said of a relationship: unstable; not continuous.

on-stream or onstream
adjective said of an industrial plant or process, etc: relating to normal production.
adverb in operation or ready to go into operation.

onager pronunciación ,
noun a variety of wild ass found in central Asia.
[14c: Latin, from Greek onagros , from onos an ass + agrios wild]

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