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oil pronunciación
1 any greasy, viscous and usually flammable liquid substance, insoluble in water but soluble in organic compounds, that is derived from animals, plants or mineral deposits, or manufactured artificially, and used as a fuel, lubricant or food.
2 petroleum.
3 a (often oils) oil paint;
b an oil painting.
4 (oils) colloq oilskins; oilskin garments.
5 Aust & NZ slang news; information.
as adjective oil pipeline oil slick .
verb (oiled , oiling )
1 to apply oil to something; to lubricate or treat something with oil.
2 intr to take oil aboard as fuel.
3 tr & intr said of butter, etc: to make or become oily, especially by heating or melting.
[12c: from French oile , from Latin oleum (olive) oil, from Greek elaia olive tree]
oiled and oily see separate entries.
burn the midnight oil to work or study late into the night.
oil someone's palm colloq to bribe them.
oil the wheels to do something in order to make things go more smoothly or successfully, etc.
pour oil on troubled waters to soothe or calm a person or situation.

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