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offer pronunciación
verb (offered , offering )
1 to put forward (a gift, payment or suggestion, etc) for acceptance, refusal or consideration.
2 formal to provide a site offering the best view .
3 intr to state one's willingness to do something.
4 to present something for sale.
5 to provide an opportunity for something a job offering rapid promotion .
6 intr to present itself; to occur if opportunity offers .
7 tr & intr to propose (a sum of money) as payment to someone offer him £250 for the car .
8 (also offer something up) to present (a prayer or sacrifice) to God.
9 to show (resistance, etc).
10 (usu offer up something) technical in eg joinery, etc: to position or hold up (a part, etc) to test its size or suitability, etc before fixing it.
1 an act of offering.
2 something that is offered, especially an amount of money offered to buy something.
3 old use a proposal, especially of marriage.
[Anglo-Saxon offrian , from Latin offerre , from ob- towards + ferre to bring]
offerer or offeror noun someone who offers something, especially shares for sale.
on offer for sale, especially at a reduced price.
under offer said of a house: for which a possible buyer has made an offer, but with the contracts still to be signed.

offering pronunciación
1 the act of making an offer.
2 anything offered, such as a gift, something produced by an artist, etc.
3 a gift of money given to a church, usually during a religious service, used for charity, etc.
4 a sacrifice made to God, a saint or a deity, etc in the course of worship.

offertory pronunciación
noun (offertories ) Christianity
1 the offering of bread and wine to God during a Eucharist.
2 an anthem or hymn sung while this is happening.
3 money collected during a church service.
[14c: from Latin offertorium place of offering]

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