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OF pronunciación
abbreviation Old French.

of pronunciación , (when unstressed)
1 used to show origin, cause or authorship people of Glasgow die of hunger poems of Keats .
2 belonging to or connected with something or someone.
3 used to specify a component, ingredient or characteristic, etc built of bricks an area of marsh a heart of gold .
4 at a given distance or amount of time from something within a minute of arriving .
5 about; concerning tales of Rome think of the children .
6 belonging to or forming a part of something most of the story .
7 existing or happening, etc, at, on, in or during something battle of Hastings He works of a night .
8 used with words denoting loss, removal or separation, etc cheated of the money cured of cancer .
9 used to show the connection between a verbal noun and the person or thing that is performing, or that is the object of, the action stated the eating of healthy food .
10 N Am, esp US in giving the time: to; before a stated hour a quarter of one .
11 aged a boy of twelve .

abbreviation in the UK: Office of Communications, a regulatory body for the telecommunications industry.

off pronunciación
1 away; at or to a distance.
2 in or into a position which is not attached; loose; separate The handle came off .
3 colloq ahead in time Easter is a week off .
4 in or into a state of no longer working or operating; not on Turn the radio off .
5 in or into a state of being stopped or cancelled The match was rained off .
6 in or into a state of sleep nodded off .
7 to the end, so as to be completely finished Finish the work off .
8 away from work or one's duties Take an hour off .
9 away from a course; aside Turn off into a side street .
10 situated as regards money well off badly off .
1 said of an electrical device: not functioning or operating; disconnected; not on The radio was off .
2 cancelled; not taking place The meeting's off .
3 orig naut most distant; furthest away.
4 said of the side of a vehicle, etc: nearest the centre of the road, ie on the right in the UK.
5 not good; not up to standard an off day .
6 cricket on the side of the field towards which the batsman's feet are pointing, usually the bowler's left. Opposite of on ( adjective 6).
7 in a restaurant, on a menu, etc: no longer available as a choice Peas are off .
8 said especially of food or drink: in a state of decay; gone bad or sour The milk was off .
1 from or away from something Lift it off the shelf .
2 removed from or no longer attached to something.
3 opening out of, leading from, or not far from something a side street off the main road .
4 not wanting or no longer attracted by something off one's food go off him .
5 no longer using something, etc be off the tablets .
6 not up to the usual standard of something off one's game .
7 out to sea from (a specified country, area of land, etc) off the coast of Spain .
1 (usu the off) the start, eg of a race or journey ready for the off .
2 cricket the side of a field towards which the batsman's feet are pointing, usually the bowler's left.
[Anglo-Saxon of away]
a bit off colloq said of behaviour, etc: unacceptable or unfair.
off and on now and then; occasionally.

off break
noun , cricket a ball bowled so that it spins from the off side towards the leg side on pitching.

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