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odd pronunciación
1 left over when others are put into groups or pairs; remaining.
2 not matching odd socks .
3 not one of a complete set.
4 maths said of a whole number: not exactly divisible by two.
5 said of pages, etc that are numbered consecutively: referring to one with an odd number put pictures on the odd pages .
6 (odder , oddest ) unusual; strange an odd face .
7 occasional; not regular; casual.
8 in compounds a little more than the specified number twenty-odd replies .
9 said of a place: out of the way; standing apart.
[14c: from Norse oddi point, triangle or odd number]
oddish adjective .
oddly adverb .
oddness noun .
odd man or odd one out
1 someone that is set apart or in some way different from, and sometimes unwilling to be like, others forming a particular group.
2 a person or thing left over when a team or a set, etc has been formed. See also odds.

odd job
noun (usu odd jobs) casual or occasional pieces of work, often routine or domestic.
odd jobber or odd-job man noun .

odd lot
noun , stock exchange a block of less than one hundred shares.
odd-lotter noun someone who deals in odd lots.

oddball colloq
noun a strange or eccentric person.
adjective eccentric; peculiar.

oddity pronunciación
noun (oddities )
1 a strange or odd person or thing.
2 an odd quality or characteristic; a peculiarity.
3 the state of being odd or unusual; strangeness.

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