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obsess pronunciación
verb (obsesses , obsessed , obsessing )
1 to occupy someone's thoughts or mind completely, persistently or constantly; to preoccupy or haunt She is obsessed by football .
2 intr , chiefly N Am to think or worry constantly about something.
[16c in sense 1: from Latin obsidere , obsessum to besiege, from ob- in front of + sedere to sit]

obsession pronunciación
1 a persistent or dominating thought, idea, feeling, etc.
2 psychol a form of neurosis in which a recurring thought, feeling or impulse preoccupies a person against their will and is a source of constant anxiety.
3 the act of obsessing or state of being obsessed.
[16c; early 20c in sense 2]
obsessional adjective .
obsessionally adverb .
obsessionist noun .

obsessive pronunciación
1 relating to or resulting from obsession.
2 said of a person: affected by an obsession.
noun someone affected or characterized by obsessive behaviour.
[Early 20c]
obsessively adverb .
obsessiveness noun .

obsessive-compulsive disorder
noun , psychol a form of neurosis in which a person is driven to perform a particular act repeatedly or is preoccupied with a recurring thought, feeling or impulse.

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