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observation pronunciación
a the act of noticing or watching;
b the state of being observed or watched.
2 the ability to observe; perception.
3 a remark or comment.
4 the noting of behaviour, symptoms or phenomena, etc as they occur, especially before analysis or diagnosis keep the patient under observation .
5 the result of such observing.
observational adjective .
observationally adverb .
take an observation to observe the position of the sun or stars in order to calculate one's geographical position.

observation, observance These two nouns correspond to different meanings of observe. || Observance relates to sense 4 of observe and is used mainly about laws, rules, rights and principles, especially religious principles: ? He advocated a more meticulous observance of the canons of Islam. ? He had seen his father reviled by his neighbours for his strict observance of the Lord's Day. || Observation relates to senses 1, 2 and 3 of observe and is used more generally: ? From our observations it is clear that the guidelines for use were rarely followed closely. ? Accuracy depends to a large extent on vigilance and observation, as well as concentration. || Observation also has the special meaning -remark?, eg: ? The newspaper article made one telling observation about him. || You will occasionally see observation used to mean observance, but this is not a typical meaning and is best avoided: ?She considered all religious observation as ridiculous frivolity.

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