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oblique pronunciación
1 sloping; not vertical or horizontal.
2 geom
a said of lines and planes, etc: not at a right angle;
b said of an angle: less than 180° but more than 90°, ie more than a right angle.
3 not straight or direct; roundabout; underhand.
4 grammar denoting any case other than the nominative or vocative.
5 bot said of a leaf: with unequal sides.
1 an oblique line; a solidus (/).
2 anything that is oblique.
verb (obliqued , obliquing ) intr to advance obliquely, especially ( mil ) to face half right or left and then advance.
[15c: French, from Latin obliquus ]
obliquely adverb .
obliqueness or obliquity noun .

oblique An oblique has several uses: || It indicates alternatives: Bring your swimming costume and/or a tennis racquet. Tea/coffee will be served. Dear Sir/Madam Each candidate will be required to give a report on his/her research . || It indicates the limits of a period of time: I was at university in the years 1960/64. You will shortly receive your 2003/4 tax return . An alternative style is to use a short dash: in the years 1960?64 || It also links items on a route or itinerary: The London/Oxford/Birmingham express was derailed at Reading. The Edinburgh/Amsterdam/Frankfurt flight is subject to a delay of thirty minutes . An alternative style is to use a short dash: the London?Oxford?Birmingham express || It also indicates an abbreviation: His mail should be readdressed c/o Brown, 16 Caven Place. (-care of-) Please quote your a/c number in all correspondence. (-account-) Major Bateman is the officer i/c provisions. (-in charge of-) || It expresses rates or ratios in measurements: 100 km/h 60 lb/in2

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