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object pronunciación 1
1 a material thing that can be seen or touched.
2 an aim or purpose.
3 a person or thing to which action, feelings or thought are directed the object of his affections .
4 colloq an oddity; a ridiculous or pitiable person or sight, etc.
5 grammar
a a noun, noun phrase or pronoun affected by the action of the verb;
b a noun, noun phrase or pronoun affected by a preposition. See also subject.
6 philos a thing which is outside of, and can be perceived by, the mind.
7 comput an information package and a description of its use.
[14c: from Latin objectus a throwing before, from Latin objicere ; see object2]
objectless adjective .
no object not a difficulty or obstacle Money's no object .

object pronunciación 2
verb (objected , objecting )
1 intr (usu object to or against something) to feel or express dislike or disapproval for it.
2 to state something as a ground for disapproval or objection.
[15c: from Latin objicere , objectum , from ob- in the way of + jacere to throw]
objector noun .

object ball
noun in snooker, billiards, etc: the ball which a player tries to strike with the cue ball.

object glass
noun , optics in a camera or telescope, etc: the lens or combination of lenses nearest to the object being viewed. Also called objective.

object language
1 a language described by means of another language. Compare metalanguage.
2 comput a language into which a program is translated by a compiler.

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