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NUT pronunciación
abbreviation National Union of Teachers.

nut pronunciación
1 popularly
a a fruit consisting of a kernel contained in a hard shell, eg a hazelnut or walnut;
b the kernel itself.
2 bot a hard dry indehiscent one-seeded fruit.
3 popularly a roasted peanut.
4 a small, usually hexagonal, piece of metal with a hole through it, for screwing on the end of a bolt.
5 colloq a person's head.
6 colloq (also nutter) a crazy person.
7 colloq (usu in compounds ) an enthusiast; a person with an obsessive interest a football nut .
8 a small lump a nut of butter .
9 (nuts) colloq testicles.
10 music
a the ridge at the top of the fingerboard on a violin, etc;
b the mechanism for tightening the bow.
11 in compounds a small biscuit or cake ginger nut .
verb (nutted , nutting )
1 intr to look for and gather nuts.
2 colloq to butt someone with the head.
[Anglo-Saxon hnutu ]
nutter see noun 6 above.
nutty see separate entry.
a hard or tough nut to crack colloq see under hard nut.
do one's nut colloq to be furious.
for nuts colloq at all can't sing for nuts .
off one's nut colloq mad. See also nuts.

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