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number pronunciación
1 the means or system by which groups or sets, etc of individual things, etc are counted; a quantity calculated in units.
2 one or more arithmetical symbols representing such a quantity; a numeral or set of numerals, eg 5 or V , 15 or XV .
3 a numeral or set of numerals identifying something or someone within a series telephone numbers .
4 (with a numeral) the person, animal, vehicle, etc bearing the specified numeral Number 21 is pulling ahead .
5 a single one of a series, eg an issue of a magazine.
6 a quantity of individuals.
7 an act or turn in a programme.
8 a piece of popular music or jazz.
9 colloq an article or person considered appreciatively driving a white sports number .
10 a group or set isn't one of our number .
11 (numbers) numerical superiority overwhelmed by sheer weight of numbers .
12 grammar the property of expressing, or classification of word forms into, singular and plural and, in some languages, -dual- (for two people, things, etc).
verb (numbered , numbering )
1 to give a number to something; to mark it with a number.
2 to amount to (a specified amount) a crowd numbering about 500 .
3 tr & intr to list; to enumerate.
4 tr & intr to include or be included I number her among my enemies .
[13c: from French nombre , from Latin numerus ]
numberless adjective
1 too many to count; innumerable.
2 without a number.
any number of something many of it.
by numbers said of a procedure, etc: performed in simple stages, each stage being identified by a number.
get or have someone's number colloq to understand them; to have them sized up.
one's days are numbered one is soon to die, or come to the end of something (eg a job) unpleasantly.
one's number is up colloq one is due for some unpleasant fate, eg death or ruin.
without number more than can be counted; countless.

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