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number pronunciación
1 the means or system by which groups or sets, etc of individual things, etc are counted; a quantity calculated in units.
2 one or more arithmetical symbols representing such a quantity; a numeral or set of numerals, eg 5 or V , 15 or XV .
3 a numeral or set of numerals identifying something or someone within a series telephone numbers .
4 (with a numeral) the person, animal, vehicle, etc bearing the specified numeral Number 21 is pulling ahead .
5 a single one of a series, eg an issue of a magazine.
6 a quantity of individuals.
7 an act or turn in a programme.
8 a piece of popular music or jazz.
9 colloq an article or person considered appreciatively driving a white sports number .
10 a group or set isn't one of our number .
11 (numbers) numerical superiority overwhelmed by sheer weight of numbers .
12 grammar the property of expressing, or classification of word forms into, singular and plural and, in some languages, -dual- (for two people, things, etc).
verb (numbered , numbering )
1 to give a number to something; to mark it with a number.
2 to amount to (a specified amount) a crowd numbering about 500 .
3 tr & intr to list; to enumerate.
4 tr & intr to include or be included I number her among my enemies .
[13c: from French nombre , from Latin numerus ]
numberless adjective
1 too many to count; innumerable.
2 without a number.
any number of something many of it.
by numbers said of a procedure, etc: performed in simple stages, each stage being identified by a number.
get or have someone's number colloq to understand them; to have them sized up.
one's days are numbered one is soon to die, or come to the end of something (eg a job) unpleasantly.
one's number is up colloq one is due for some unpleasant fate, eg death or ruin.
without number more than can be counted; countless.

number one
1 first in a numbered series.
2 colloq, ironic oneself look after number one .
adjective (number-one) first; of primary importance give it number-one priority .

number plate
noun one of the two plates at the front and rear of a motor vehicle, bearing its registration number.

Number Ten
noun , colloq 10 Downing Street, London, the official home of the Prime Minister.

number theory
noun the branch of mathematics concerned with the abstract study of the relationships between, and properties of, positive whole numbers.

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