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not pronunciación
adverb (with auxiliary and modal verbs often shortened to n't and joined to the verb)
1 used to make a negative statement, etc That is not fair . Those aren't right . Why didn't they come?
2 used with verbs of opinion or intention, etc to make the clause or infinitive following the verb negative, as in I don't think he's right , meaning I think he is not right .
3 used in place of a negative clause or predicate might be late, but I hope not .
4 (indicating surprise or an expectation of agreement, etc) surely it is the case that Haven't you heard? Lovely, isn't it?
5 used to contrast the untrue with the true It's a cloud, not a mountain .
6 barely with his face not two inches from mine .
7 by no means not nearly enough Not everyone would agree .
8 colloq used by a speaker to emphatically deny what they have just said looks a lot like Brad Pitt?not .
[14c: a variant of nought]
not a?absolutely no? not a sound .
not at all don't mention it; it's a pleasure.
not just or not only, etc used to introduce what is usually the lesser of two points, etc not just his family, but his wider public .
not on colloq
1 not possible.
2 not morally or socially, etc acceptable.
not that?though it is not the case that? not that I care .

not proven Scots law
noun an alternative verdict resorted to when there is insufficient evidence to convict, resulting in the freedom of the accused.
as adjective not proven verdict .

adjective , adverb , cricket
1 still in.
2 at the end of the innings without having been put out.

nota bene
verb (abbreviation NB or nb) take note; mark well.
[18c: Latin]

1 worth noting; significant.
2 distinguished.
noun a notable person.
[14c: from Latin notabilis , from notare to note or observe]
notability noun .
notableness noun .
notably adverb as something or someone notable, especially in a list or group several people, notably my father .
notable for something famous on account of it.

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