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normal pronunciación
1 usual; typical; not extraordinary.
2 mentally or physically sound a normal baby .
3 (normal to something) geom perpendicular.
4 chem said of a solution: (abbreviation N) having a standard measurement of concentration, being a solution containing one equivalent weight of a dissolved substance per litre, eg 1N , 2N , etc.
5 chem (n-) said of hydrocarbon molecules: containing a single unbranched chain of carbon atoms n-butane n-propane .
1 what is average or usual.
2 geom a perpendicular line or plane.
[15c: from Latin normalis regulated by a carpenter's square, from norma carpenter's square]
normally adverb
1 in an ordinary or natural way.
2 usually.

normal distribution
noun , stats a frequency distribution represented by a symmetrical, bell-shaped curve within which typical characteristics of a population (eg height) are enclosed.

normal school
noun in certain countries, especially France and N America: a training college for teachers.
[19c: from French école normal , the first being intended to be a model for others]

normality pronunciación or (N Am) normalcy
noun being normal; a normal state or quality.

normalize pronunciación or normalise
verb (normalized , normalizing )
1 tr & intr to make or become normal or regular.
2 to heat (steel) in order to refine the crystal structure and to relieve internal stress and improve strength.
normalization noun .

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