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none pronunciación 1
pronoun (with singular or pl verb; see note)
1 not any There were none in the box .
2 no one; not any None were as kind as she .
[Anglo-Saxon nan not one or no]
none but?only? none but the finest ingredients .
none of?I won't put up with? None of your cheek!
none other than someone or something the very person or thing mentioned or thought of.
none the?(followed by a comparative ) not any? none the worse for his adventure .
none the less or nonetheless nevertheless; in spite of that.
none too?by no means? none too clean .

none When none refers to a number of individual people or things, it can be followed by a singular or a plural verb, rather like a collective noun, depending on whether the individuals or the group as a whole are intended: The hotel is half a mile from the beach and none of the rooms overlook the sea. None of us has time for much else but the work in hand.

none pronunciación 2 or nones
noun , esp RC Church the fifth of the canonical hours.
[18c: from Latin nona hora the ninth hour]

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