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noise pronunciación
1 a sound.
2 a harsh disagreeable sound, or such sound; a din.
3 radio interference in a signal.
4 comput irrelevant or meaningless material appearing in output.
5 facetious something one says as a conventional response, vague indication of inclinations, etc make polite noises .
verb (noised , noising ) (usu noise abroad or about) to make something generally known; to spread (a rumour, etc).
[13c: French, from Latin nausea sea-sickness]
noiseless adjective .
noiselessly adverb .
noiselessness noun .
make a noise colloq to talk or complain a great deal.

noise pollution
noun an excessive or annoying degree of noise in a particular area, eg from traffic or aeroplane engines.

1 a small piece of meat (usually lamb) cut off the bone and rolled.
2 a nutlike or nut-flavoured, especially hazelnut, sweet.
adjective flavoured with or containing hazelnuts.
[19c: French, meaning -hazelnut-]

1 disgusting; offensive; stinking.
2 harmful; poisonous noisome fumes .
[14c, meaning -harmful- or -noxious' from earlier noy , a variant of annoy]
noisomely adverb .
noisomeness noun .

noisy pronunciación
adjective (noisier , noisiest )
1 making a lot of noise.
2 full of noise; accompanied by noise noisy streets .
noisily adverb .
noisiness noun .

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