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net pronunciación 1
1 an openwork material made of thread or cord, etc knotted, twisted or woven so as to form regularly shaped meshes.
2 a piece of this in any of various shapes or qualities appropriate to such uses as catching fish or insects, protecting fruit bushes, confining hair, etc.
3 a strip of net dividing a tennis or badminton court, etc.
4 sport the net-backed goal in hockey and football, etc.
5 cricket
a a practice pitch enclosed in nets, indoors or outdoors;
b a practice session on such a pitch.
6 a snare or trap.
7 (the Net) short for the Internet.
1 made of or like net.
2 (Net) concerned with or relating to the Internet.
verb (netted , netting )
1 to catch something in a net.
2 to capture or acquire, as if with a net.
3 to cover something with a net.
4 sport to hit or kick, etc (the ball) into the net or goal.
5 intr to construct net from thread or cord, etc.
6 hist to make (a purse, etc) using a knotting and looping process.
[Anglo-Saxon net or nett ]
netted adjective
1 made into a net.
2 reticulated.
3 caught in a net.
4 covered with a net.
netting noun
1 any material with meshes, made by knotting or twisting thread, cord or wire, etc.
2 the act or process of netting.

net pronunciación 2
1 said of profit: remaining after all expenses, etc have been paid. Opposite of gross.
2 said of weight: excluding the packaging or container.
verb (netted , netting ) to produce, or earn, (an amount) as clear profit.
[14c: French, meaning -clean-]

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