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verb (negated , negating )
1 to cancel or destroy the effect of something.
2 to deny the existence of something.
[17c: from Latin negare , negatum to deny]

1 the act of negating.
2 the absence or opposite of something.
3 the denial of the existence of something.
4 logic a negative proposition.

negative pronunciación
1 meaning or saying -no-; expressing denial, refusal or prohibition.
2 said of people or attitudes, etc: unenthusiastic, defeatist or pessimistic.
3 logic denying the connection between a subject and a predicate.
4 maths less than zero.
5 contrary to, or cancelling the effect of, whatever is regarded as positive.
6 maths measured in the opposite direction to that chosen as positive.
7 elec having the kind of electric charge produced by an excess of electrons.
8 photog said of film: having the light and shade of the actual image reversed, or complementary colours in place of actual ones.
9 biol in a direction away from the source of stimulus.
1 a word, statement or grammatical form expressing denial replied in the negative .
2 a photographic film with a negative image, from which prints are made.
verb (negatived , negativing )
1 to reject something; to veto it.
2 to deny something.
3 to neutralize or cancel out something.
4 to disprove or prove the contrary of positive or affirmative.
[16c: from Latin negativus , from negare to deny]
negatively adverb .
negativeness or negativity noun .

negative equity
noun , econ the situation, caused by a fall in house prices, when the market value of property becomes less than the value of the mortgage on it.

negative feedback
1 reaction to an enquiry, survey or questionnaire, etc expressing lack of enthusiasm or opposition.
2 the return of part of an output signal back to the input, as a way of increasing the quality of amplified sound.

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