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need pronunciación
verb (needed , needing )
1 to lack; to require.
2 intr (also as auxiliary verb ? see Usage Note) to be required or obliged to be or do something We need to find a replacement They needn't stay .
1 something one requires.
2 (need of or for something) a condition of lacking or requiring it; an urge or desire.
3 (need for something) necessity or justification for it.
[Anglo-Saxon nead or nied ]
if need or needs be if necessary.
in need needing help or financial support. See also needs.

need Need may be used either as an ordinary intransitive verb or as an auxiliary verb. || When need is used as an intransitive verb, the form of the verb accompanying -he/she/it- ends in --s-, questions and negative statements are formed with the auxiliary verb -do-, and a following verb is preceded by -to-: If he needs to go, I'll just have to let him. You don't need to go. I didn't need to see him at all. Didn't you need to tell him something? || When need is used as an auxiliary verb, the verb accompanying -he/she/it- has no --s' ending, questions and negative statements are formed without -do-, and there is no -to- before the following verb: She needn't go if she doesn't want to. Need we tell her at all? This auxiliary-verb construction is possible only in questions and negative statements in the present tense.

adjective necessary.
noun (the needful) humorous, colloq
1 whatever action is necessary.
2 money needed for a purpose.
needfully adverb .
needfulness noun .

needle pronunciación
1 a slender pointed steel sewing instrument with a hole for the thread.
2 a longer, thicker implement of metal, wood, bone or plastic, etc, without a hole, for knitting, crocheting, etc.
3 a a hypodermic syringe;
b its pointed end.
4 any of the thin metal pins used in acupuncture.
5 med a slender instrument for suturing and dissection, etc.
6 a gramophone stylus.
7 the moving pointer on a compass or other instrument.
8 anything slender, sharp and pointed.
9 a pinnacle of rock.
10 an obelisk.
11 a long slender crystal.
12 the needle-shaped leaf of a tree such as the pine or fir.
13 a strong beam passed through a wall as a temporary support.
14 (the needle) colloq
a provocation;
b irritation; anger;
c dislike.
as adjective needle match .
verb (needled , needling ) tr & intr
1 colloq to provoke or irritate someone, especially deliberately.
2 to sew.
[Anglo-Saxon nædl ]
look for a needle in a haystack to undertake a hopeless search.

needle bank
noun a place where dependent drug-users may exchange old hypodermic syringes for new ones.

needle exchange or needle bank
noun a place where drug users may exchange old hypodermic syringes for new ones.

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