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neck pronunciación
1 the part of the body between the head and the shoulders.
2 the part of a garment at or covering the neck.
3 a narrow part; a narrow connecting part joined to the mainland by a neck of land .
4 horse-racing a head-and-neck's length; a small margin won by a neck .
5 the meat from the neck of an animal.
6 the narrow part of a stringed instrument such as a guitar or violin, where the strings are depressed by the fingers.
7 colloq impudence; boldness.
verb (necked , necking ) tr & intr , colloq to hug and kiss amorously.
[Anglo-Saxon hnecca ]
get it in the neck colloq to be severely rebuked or punished.
neck and neck said of competitors in a race or election, etc: exactly level.
neck or nothing risking everything.
risk one's neck see under risk.
save one's or someone's neck or skin see under save.
stick one's neck out see under stick2.
up to one's neck in something colloq deeply involved in ( esp a troublesome situation); busy; preoccupied.

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