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Near East
1 Middle East.
2 formerly an area including the Balkans and Turkey, and sometimes the countries to the west of Iran.

near miss
1 something not quite achieved, eg a shot that almost hits the target.
2 something (eg an air collision) only just avoided.

near thing
noun a narrow escape; a success only just achieved.

near-death experience
noun an instance of being on the brink of death and observing, apparently from outside the body, the situation and circumstances of one's own dying.

adjective short-sighted.
near-sightedness noun .

adjective , adverb a short distance away; close at hand.

adjective in zoogeography: referring to the region that includes the part of N America to the north of the Tropic of Cancer, and Greenland.
[19c: from Greek neos new + arktikos northern]

1 almost.
2 closely.
[16c; see near]
not nearly very far from; nothing like not nearly finished .

noun the side of a vehicle, horse or team of horses nearer the kerb, ie in the UK the left side, and in most other countries the right side.
as adjective the nearside front tyre .

neat pronunciación 1
1 tidy; clean; orderly.
2 pleasingly small or regular.
3 elegantly or cleverly simple a neat explanation .
4 skilful or efficient Neat work!
5 N Am excellent That's neat!
6 said especially of an alcoholic drink: undiluted.
[16c: from French net clean or tidy]
neatly adverb .
neatness noun .

neat pronunciación 2
noun (pl neat ) archaic or dialect an ox, bull or cow, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon, meaning -a beast- or -cattle-, from neotan to use]

verb (neatened , neatening ) to make something neat and tidy.

neath or 'neath
preposition , dialect or poetry beneath.
[18c: shortened form of older aneath or beneath]


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