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1 denoting a primitive type of man living in Europe during the palaeolithic period of the Stone Age.
2 (sometimes neanderthal) colloq primitive; stupid.
3 (sometimes neanderthal) colloq extremely old-fashioned and reactionary.
noun , colloq someone regarded as primitive or stupid.
[19c: from Neandertal, a valley in Germany where remains were first found]

neap tide or neap
noun a tide occurring at the first and last quarters of the moon, when there is the least variation between high and low water. Compare spring tide.
[Anglo-Saxon nepflod neap flood]

adjective relating to the city or the former kingdom of Naples.
noun a citizen or inhabitant of, or person born in, Naples.
[17c: from Greek Neapolis new town]

Neapolitan ice or Neapolitan ice cream
noun ice cream made in layers of different colours and flavours.

near pronunciación
1 at a short distance from something lives near the town centre .
2 close to something (in amount, etc) nearer 600 than 500 near tears .
1 (also near to) close came near to hitting her .
2 old use or colloq in compounds almost; nearly She damn near died .
1 being a short distance away; close.
2 closer of two the near bank of the river .
3 similar; comparable that knife is the nearest thing I've got to a screwdriver .
4 closely related to one a near relative .
5 (often in compounds ) almost amounting to, or almost turning into the specified thing a near tragedy near-disastrous results .
6 old use mean; miserly.
verb (neared , nearing ) tr & intr to approach.
[Anglo-Saxon, from neah nigh, and from (adv ) Norse nær nigher, from na nigh]
nearly see separate entry.
nearness noun .
near as dammit or as near as damn it colloq very nearly.
near at hand conveniently close.
not to go near someone or something to avoid them.

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