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name pronunciación
1 a word or words by which an individual person, place or thing is identified and referred to.
2 reputation get a bad name .
3 a famous or important person or firm, etc the big names in fashion .
verb (named , naming ) tr & intr
1 to give a name to someone or something.
2 to mention or identify someone or something by name name three French poets .
3 to specify or decide on someone or something.
4 to choose or appoint.
[Anglo-Saxon nama ]
namable or nameable adjective .
named adjective .
call someone names to insult or abuse them verbally.
in all but name in practice, though not officially.
in name only officially, but not in practice.
in the name of someone or something
1 by their or its authority.
2 on behalf of them or it.
3 for the sake of them or it; using them or it as justification were tortured in the name of religion .
make a name for oneself to achieve fame.
name names to identify eg culprits by name.
name the day to fix a date, especially the date of one's wedding.
the name of the game colloq the predominant or essential aspect or aim of some activity.
to one's name belonging to one doesn't have a penny to his name .
you name it whatever you mention or want, etc.
name someone or something after or (N Am) for someone or something else to give (eg a child or a place) the same name as another person, in their honour or by way of commemoration.

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