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nail pronunciación
1 the structure, composed of keratin, that grows from and protects part of the fleshy tip of a finger or toe.
2 a metal spike hammered into something, eg to join two objects together or to serve as a hook.
3 the claw of an animal.
verb (nailed , nailing )
1 to fasten something with, or as if with, a nail or nails.
2 colloq to catch, trap or corner someone.
3 to detect, identify or expose (a lie or deception, etc).
[Anglo-Saxon nægl ]
nailer noun a maker of nails.
nailery noun (naileries ) a place where nails are made.
a nail in one's or the coffin
1 any event or experience, etc that has the effect of shortening one's life.
2 a contributory factor in the downfall of anyone or anything.
hard as nails see under hard.
hit the nail on the head
1 to pinpoint a problem or issue exactly.
2 to describe something in terms that sum it up precisely.
nail one's colours to the mast see under colours.
on the nail colloq immediately.
nail someone down colloq to extract a definite decision or promise from them.
nail something down to define or identify it clearly.

nail enamel see nail polish

nail gun
noun an electric tool used to drive in metal nails.

nail polish, nail varnish or (esp N Am) nail enamel
noun lacquer applied to the fingernails and toenails to give them colour and shine.

nail scissors
noun small scissors designed for trimming the fingernails and toenails.

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