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nail pronunciación
1 the structure, composed of keratin, that grows from and protects part of the fleshy tip of a finger or toe.
2 a metal spike hammered into something, eg to join two objects together or to serve as a hook.
3 the claw of an animal.
verb (nailed , nailing )
1 to fasten something with, or as if with, a nail or nails.
2 colloq to catch, trap or corner someone.
3 to detect, identify or expose (a lie or deception, etc).
[Anglo-Saxon nægl ]
nailer noun a maker of nails.
nailery noun (naileries ) a place where nails are made.
a nail in one's or the coffin
1 any event or experience, etc that has the effect of shortening one's life.
2 a contributory factor in the downfall of anyone or anything.
hard as nails see under hard.
hit the nail on the head
1 to pinpoint a problem or issue exactly.
2 to describe something in terms that sum it up precisely.
nail one's colours to the mast see under colours.
on the nail colloq immediately.
nail someone down colloq to extract a definite decision or promise from them.
nail something down to define or identify it clearly.

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